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Dolewski, Leon *

paper merchant
b: 20/02/1878 Warsaw, POLAND
d: 27/02/1946 Podkowa Leśna nr. Warsaw, POLAND
[] Cmentarz Powązkowski, Warsaw, POLAND

oo Baku, AZERBAIJAN Maria Lucyna * Dolewska née Paszkiewicz (COA Radwan)

Alternative name spelling: Leonard., Leon used to study in Wiesbaden, Germany when he was young. His brothers Marian and Franek attempted to kill Russian governor (most likely Gieorgi Skałon or Nikołaj Wonlarski) and then escaped to the USA in 1906/1907 to avoid procecution. Their father Bolesław (William) Dolewski also emigrated to the USA, as well as sister Waleria Niwińska. Leon decided to stay but was forced to leave Warsaw, he was sent to Baku as a punishment and only returned to Warsaw around 1922. , Over the years Dolewski family run paper warehouses and stores in various cities including Katowice, Poznań, Radom, Toruń and Warszawa.

source: (1) Family notes (2) Birth certificate from Archiwum Państwowe in Warsaw, record # 71 / szukajwarchiwach.pl , photo: (1) Leon Dolewski in Spring 1932, Warsaw (2) Leon Dolewski in his office (3) Dolewski - Papier Tektura warehouse in Poznań by Foto J. Pluciński, Poznań

Father:Bolesław / William * Dolewski

Mother:Marcela Marta * Dolewska née Gniewkowska

Siblings:Marta Dolewska

Franciszka Dolewska

Stanislaw Kostka Dolewski

Marjan / Marion Dolewski / Dolmar

Franciszek / Frank Dolewski

Walerya / Valerie Dolewska

Helena Maria Dolewska

Stefan Dolewski

children:Stanisław Lucydy * Dolewski

Halina Maria Dolewska

Leon Wacław Dolewski

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