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Dolewska, Halina Maria 'Dzidzia'

b: 26/11/1915 Baku, AZERBAIJAN
d: 22/03/1997 Warsaw, POLAND

Mielęcin work camp prisoner between 1947 - 1950. She was arrested in Łódź and imprisoned by communists for making too much noise when her brother was arrested. Dzidzia spent 3 years in the work camp, Lolek was placed in Lódź's prison and sentenced to death.

Source: (1) Family notes (2) Copy of the birth certificate (3) Dzidzia's letters from Mielęcin work camp, photo: (1) Halina Dolewska with her dog Mira by Foto Kniat, Poznań (2) Dzidzia Dolewska with her brother and nanny in Krasnye Kamni, Kislovodsk, Russia (3) Dzidka Dolewska (middle) with her brother Lolek Dolewski in front of Cafe Capri they owned, Sienna 55, Warsaw

Father:Leon * Dolewski

Mother:Maria Lucyna * Dolewska née Paszkiewicz (COA Radwan)

Siblings:Stanisław Lucydy * Dolewski

Leon Wacław Dolewski

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