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Dolewski, Stanisław Lucydy * 'Lolek'

paper merchant
b: 25/10/1909 Baku, AZERBAIJAN
d: 03/04/1948 Łódź, POLAND

oo 02/10/1935 Warsaw, POLAND Dolewska née Miecznikowska, Janina Barbara * 'Nina'

Lolek was born in Baku, Azerbaijan (then part of the Russian Empire) and spent there first 13 years of his life before moving to Poland with his parents who were both from Warsaw. He could speak Azer, Russian, Polish and German. Auschwitz survivor (prisoner # 2188), arrived at Auschwitz 15/08/1940 and spent 3 months in the camp and was rescued by his mother. Sentenced to death by Bierut's communist government. His officaial DOB was 1910 but he was really born in 1909, his parents did not register him until 1910. Baptised in Baku, godparents: Dr. Gustaw Rydzewski (son of Wilhelm) & Helena Księżopolska (daughter of Michał), witnesses: Tomasz Paszkiewicz (grandfather Lucydy Tomasz Kryspin Paszkiewicz) and priest Stefan Demurow. Dolewski family run paper warehouses and stores in various cities including Katowice, Poznań, Radom, Toruń and Warszawa until 1948 when communist governement killed Lolek and took away all of his property. His sister Dzidzia was also jailed and spent 3 years in Mielęcin work camp.

Source: (1) Family notes (2) Dzidzia's letters from Mielęcin work camp (3) Auschwitz-Birkenau / auschwitz.org, photo: (1) Lolek Dolewski by Atelier Bernardi, Varsovie (2) Lolek Dolewski & Nina Miecznikowska on their wedding day by Wł. Brzozowski, Warszawa (3) Fabryczne Składy Papieru i Tektury Stanisław Dolewski Spółka Komandytowa Poznań, oddział w Katowicach, Katowice 1939 (4) Dom Handlowy Stanisław Dolewski Spółka Komandytowa Papier Tektura Artykuły Przemysłowe Oddział w Toruniu, Toruń (5) Lolek Dolewski with his sister and nanny in Krasnye Kamni, Kislovodsk, Russia (6) Lolek Dolewski in Baku, Azerbaijan (7) Lolek Dolewski with his sister Dzidka Dolewska (middle) in front of Cafe Capri they owned, Sienna 55, Warsaw (8) Dominoes made in 1948 by Lolek while in jail, to make them he used bread, shoe polish and toothpaste

Father:Leon * Dolewski

Mother:Maria Lucyna * Dolewska née Paszkiewicz (COA Radwan)

Siblings:Halina Maria Dolewska

Leon Wacław Dolewski

Children:Stanisław Jacek * Dolewski

Barbara Halina Piwowarczyk née Dolewska

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