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Dolewska, Franciszka

b: 1881 Warsaw, POLAND

In Leon's letter there is mention of Franciszka's and Leonard's children so they had at least one more child who was alive in 1946.
oo I. 1900 Warsaw, POLAND Leonard Bielawski
oo II. ... Podniesinski (COA Radwan)

source: (1) Marriage certificate from Archiwum Państwowe in Warsaw, record # 150 / metryki.genealodzy.pl (2) Letter from Leon Dolewski (her brother) written in 1946 to American Polonia searching for other siblings who emigrated to the USA (3) Tadeusz Boncler's notes

Father:Bolesław / William * Dolewski

Mother:Marcella Marta * Dolewska née Gniewkowska

Siblings:Marian / Marion Dolewski / Dolmar

Leon * Dolewski

Marta Dolewska

Stanislaw Kostka Dolewski

Franciszek / Frank Dolewski

Walerja / Walerya Valerie Dolewska

Helena Maria Dolewska

Stefan Dolewski

Children:Halina Maria Bielawska

Irena Bielawska

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