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Bielawska Podniesińska née Dolewska, Franciszka

b: 1881 Warsaw, POLAND

oo I. 1900 Warsaw, POLAND Leonard Bielawski

o-o unknown Podniesiński (COA Radwan)

In Leon's letter there is mention of Franciszka's and Leonard's children so they had at least one more child who was alive in 1946.

Source: (1) Marriage certificate from Archiwum Państwowe in Warsaw, record # 150 / metryki.genealodzy.pl (2) Letter from Leon Dolewski (her brother) written in 1946 to American Polonia searching for other siblings who emigrated to the USA (3) Tadeusz Boncler's notes

Father:Bolesław / William * Dolewski

Mother:Marcela Marta * Dolewska née Gniewkowska

Siblings:Leon * Dolewski

Marta Dolewska

Stanislaw Kostka Dolewski

Marjan / Marion Dolewski / Dolmar

Franciszek / Frank Dolewski

Walerya / Valerie Chmielewska Niwinska George née Dolewska

Helena Maria Dolewska

Stefan Dolewski

Children:Irena Deutschmann née Bielawska

Jerzy Bielawski

Halina Maria Bielawska

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