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Dolewski, Bolesław / William *

machinist / mechanik & die maker / giser
b: 02/09/1853 Starzenice, Ruda, nr. Wieluń, POLAND
d: 07/05/1930 Wayne, Michigan, USA
[] 09/05/1930 Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan, USA

oo I. 1877 Warsaw, POLAND Dolewska née Gniewkowska, Marcela Marta *

oo II. 1901 Warsaw, POLAND Muszyńska Dolewska née Faltynowska, Katarzyna Aleksandra

When still in Warsaw, lived at Ogrodowa street, according to his second marriage record in 1901. Immigrated to Detroit, USA in February 1911 via Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Witnessed marriage of his daughter Walerya to Joseph Niwiński in 1913, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Died at the age of 81 in Eloise Insane Asylum where he spent 6 months and 11 days, widowed. Alternative surname spelling: Dolowski. His sons Marjan and Franciszek were involved in attempt to kill Russian governor (most likely Gieorgi Skałon or Nikołaj Wonlarski) in Warsaw in 1906 and they had to escape in order to avoid procecution. Their brother Leon decided to stay in Warsaw and was forced to relocate to Baku, Azerbajan (then part of the Russian Empire).

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Father:Józef * Dolewski

Mother:Józefa Teofila * Dolewska née Noremberg

Siblings:Walerya Dolewska

Leon Robert Dolewski

Antonina Nowakowska Litke née Dolewska

Wanda Krzeszewska née Dolewska

Anna Marianna Dolewska

Children:Leon * Dolewski

Marta Dolewska

Franciszka Bielawska Podniesińska née Dolewska

Stanislaw Kostka Dolewski

Marjan / Marion Dolewski / Dolmar

Franciszek / Frank Dolewski

Walerya / Valerie Chmielewska Niwinska George née Dolewska

Helena Maria Dolewska

Stefan Dolewski

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