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Brykman, Józef Karol

b: 18/12/1865 Warsaw, POLAND, d: 01/10/1867 Warsaw, POLAND
Alternative surmane spellings: Brynkman, Bryngman, Brigman, Brigmann, Bringman, Prikman, Brinkman, Brikman, Brickmann, Briggmann, Brytman, Britman, Britmann, Bryhman.

In both birth and death records his name is stated as Józef Karól.

One of the birth witnesses is Jan Ostrowski, dogsbody, 37 years old from Warsaw, possibly his mother's brother.

source: (1) Birth certificate from Archiwum Państwowe in Warsaw, record # 44 / szukajwarchiwach.pl (2) Death certificate from Archiwum Państwowe in Warsaw, record # 4 / szukajwarchiwach.pl

Father:Jan * Brykman / Brigman / Brüggemann

Mother:Katarzyna * Brykman née Ostrowska

Siblings:Franciszek * Brykman

Karolina Wiktorja Brykman

Wiktoria Brykman

Julianna Antonina Brykman

Marianna Brykman

Walerya Brykman

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