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Brykman / Brynkman / Brinkmann, Jan / Johann *

czeladnik piwowarski / brewer journeyman & wyrobnik / dogsbody
b: abt. 1828
d: before or in 1903

oo Katarzyna * Brykman née Ostrowska

Alternative surmane spellings (mostly misspelled in various documents): Brückmann, Brynkman, Bryngman, Brigman, Brigmann, Bringman, Prikman, Brinkman, Brikman, Brickmann, Briggmann, Brytman, Brycman, Bracman, Britman, Britmann, Bryhman, Bryntman, Brintman, Bruckman, Brüggemann, Bruggemann, Brugeman, Brueggeman, Brynkmann, Briefmann, Brekman. Lived at Czerniakowska 2997 in Warsaw and Wilcza 1698 in Warsaw. Family tale has it that Jan's family came from Germany (Berlin), that Jan or his ancestor were in the army, fallen in love with someone and stayed in Warsaw. Aparently the surname used to sound more like Brigman than Brykman as it was changed over the years and that it used to mean "bridge keeper" which would be Brüggemann. There is also possibility that the surname oryginally was Brinkmann since it exists with this spelling in some of the records and this is more likely since we have couple DNA matches with Brinkmann surname in the trees. His wife Katarzyna was mentioned in 1903 on her death record as "widow" so Jan had to die before her. Possible DOB: 04/09/1926 - according to the birth record #513 from Warsaw archives but this could be also birth record of his brother with the same first name.

Father:Joannes / Jan / Yohann * Brinkmann

Mother:Amalia / Emilia Julianna * Brinkmann née Kipke

Siblings:Elżbieta Luckmann née Brinkmann

Aleksandra Kordula Bauer Rymkowska née Brinkmann

Julianna Matylda Brinkmann

Teofila Teressa Wittke née Brinkmann

Jan Brinkmann

Children:Wojciech Cypryan Brykman / Brückman

Marianna Reszka née Brykman

Franciszek * Brykman

Waleria Brykman / Brynkman / Brinkmann

Karolina Wiktorja Parchowska née Brykman

Julianna Antonina Sołtys née Brykman

Józef Karol Brykman

Wiktoria Wąsowicz née Brykman

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