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Brykman / Brigman / Brüggemann, Jan / Joannes *

wyrobnik / dogsbody, b: abt. 1827

Alternative surmane spellings (mostly misspelled in various documents): Brynkman, Bryngman, Brigman, Brigmann, Bringman, Prikman, Brinkman, Brikman, Brickmann, Briggmann, Brytman, Brycman, Bracman, Britman, Britmann, Bryhman, Bryntman, Brintman, Bruckman, Brüggemann, Bruggemann, Brugeman, Brueggeman, Brynkmann, Briefmann.

Lived at Czerniakowska 2999 in Warsaw.

Family tale has it that Jan's family came from Germany and that the surname used to sound more like Brigman than Brykman as it was changed over the years and that it used to mean "bridge keeper" which would be Brüggemann.
oo Katarzyna * Brykman née Ostrowska

Father:* Brykman / Brigman / Brüggemann

Children:Walerya Brykman

Karolina Wiktorja Brykman

Julianna Antonina Brykman

Józef Karol Brykman

Franciszek * Brykman

Wiktoria Brykman

Marianna Brykman

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