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Brykman, Franciszek Jan *

b: 12/01/1859 Warsaw, POLAND
d: 1924 Warsaw, POLAND
[] 01/07/1924 Warsaw, POLAND

oo 1886 Warsaw, POLAND Brykman née Parchowska, Franciszka Józefa *

Alternative surmane spellings (mostly misspelled in various documents): Brückmann, Brynkman, Bryngman, Brigman, Brigmann, Bringman, Prikman, Brinkman, Brikman, Brickmann, Briggmann, Brytman, Brycman, Bracman, Britman, Britmann, Bryhman, Bryntman, Brintman, Bruckman, Brüggemann, Bruggemann, Brugeman, Brueggeman, Brynkmann, Briefmann. Godparents: Franciszek Modzelewski & Łucja Radomska. Baptism witnesses: Franciszek Modzelewski (27 years old) and Józef Lammer (52 years old), both mentioned as służący / servant. Late registration of the birth (in April) due to father's fault. Possible death 1924, he would be 65 years old and born in 1859, which is correct. Parnets stated as Jan & Karolina instead of Katarzyna, but this could be his mother's middle name.

Source: (1) Marriage certificate from Archiwum Państwowe in Warsaw, record # 94 / metryki.genealodzy.pl (2) Birth certificate from Archiwum Państwowe in Warsaw, record # 258 / metryki.genealodzy.pl (3) Deaths index / geneteka.genealodzy.pl (4) Cemetary index / grobonet.com

Father:Jan / Johann Franciszek * Brykman / Brynkman / Brinkmann

Mother:Katarzyna * Brykman née Ostrowska

Siblings:Wojciech Cypryan Brykman / Brückman

Marianna Reszka née Brykman

Walerya Brykman / Brynkman / Brinkmann

Walery Brykman / Brynkman / Brinkmann

Karolina Wiktorja Parchowska née Brykman

Julianna Antonina Sołtys née Brykman

Józef Karol Brykman

Wiktoria Wąsowicz née Brykman

Children:Bronisława Pierzchajło née Brykman

Helena Brykman

Apolonia Agnieszka Brykman

Antoni Brykman

Feliks * Brykman

Stanisława Szynkowska née Brykman

Józefa Malik Grzechnik née Brykman

Julia Brykman

Edmund Brykman

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