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Brinkmann, Johann / Jan *

possibly stolarz /carpenter
b: Westphalia, GERMANY

oo Szawborg, Elisabeth / Elżbieta *

Joann is mentioned on his son's marriage record as "kolonista" meanining immigrant. It looks like Joann moved to Poland with his son (and possibly other family members) while his son was still a child. Jan has possibly brother Maciey / Maciej / Mathias Brinkmann, also carpenter who in Warsaw in 1796 married Elżbieta Ruszkowska and then in 1802 Anna Gryzlakowska (maiden name unknown). They were both widowed at the time of marriage. Maciey died in Warsaw in 1809 at the age of 77 so he would be born around 1732, leaving behind his wife Anna. They possibly also had sister Anna Dorothea Brinkmann who in 1901 married Kazimierz Kaczorowski, who is also witness on Maciey wedding. Anna become widow and remarried in 1817 to Adam Paykowski/Pajkowski. Anna's parents were Mathias Brinkmann & Anna Maria Hoffman and she died in 1847 in Warsaw. Kazimierz died in 1815 and Anna was 33 years old at the time so she was born around 1782. There is also possibility that Johann had second name: Maciey. His first wife Elżbieta died also around the same time. Maciey and Elizabeth had a baby who was born and died in 1798. Mathias & Anna had also child Krystian born 1774 and Jan Konrad in 1781 that would be siblings to Anna Dorothea. Jan Konrad could be our Johann/Jan possibly?

Children:Joannes / Jan / Yohann * Brinkmann

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