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Szawborg, Elisabeth / Elżbieta *

b: abt. 1759
d: possibly 30/04/1799 Warsaw, POLAND

oo Brinkmann, Johann / Jan *

Born in Geremany, her oryginal name was possibly was Elisabet / Elisabeth Schaumburg, Schomburg, Scheuberg, Szamborg, Schamborg, Schambor or Schauburg. Alternative spelling from the documents: Szaumburg, Szauburg. Possibly died just after arrival in 1799. There is a record of Elisabeth wife of Brinkmann who died in Młociny, Wawrzyszew, Warsaw that is on the same side of the river as Długa street where they lived. She was 40 years old. If this is correct Elżbieta, her son Joannes would have been less than one year old at the time of her death. Date of birth approximate, based on the death record.

Source: (1) Death certificate from Archiwum Państwowe in Warsaw, record # 102 / metryki.genealodzy.pl

Children:Joannes / Jan / Yohann * Brinkmann

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