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Leleń, Konstanty / Constantine

b: 20/01/1892 Warsaw, POLAND
d: 24/05/1989 New York, USA

oo Lelen née Pietruchowska, Władysława / Viola

Emigrated to NY, USA in 1913 via Ellis Island. Alternative name spelling Kostanty or Kostant Leleń. His WWII draft card says he was born in Warsaw but it is more likely he was born in Winnica or Pokrzywnica like the rest of his siblings.

Source: (1) United States World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 / familysearch.org (2) Find A Grave Index / findagrave.com

Father:Jan Leleń

Mother:Michalina Leleń née Pielach

Siblings:Piotr Leleń

Janina Leleń

Stanisława Leleń

Marianna Ziółkowska née Leleń

Zofia Zalewska née Leleń

Children:Mary Frick née Lelen

Regina Hempfling née Lelen

Helen Ellen Lelen

Henry Francis Lelen

Sigmund Lelen




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