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Skowrońska Parchowska née Lorenc, Magdalena *

b: abt. 1770

oo I. 27/10/1790 Nieborów, POLAND Jan * Parchowski

Alternative surname spellings: Laurent, Lorentz, Lorenz, Lorens, Loręcz, Loręc, Lauręt, Laurenty, Laurenta, Loranz, Loranc, Lorencz, Luryncz, Lurenc, Lurynczanka, Laurentz, Laurenz, Laurenc or Wawrzyniec, Wawrzyniak. Magdalena is mentioned as "nobilis" on birth certificates of her children as well as on the marriage record.

Source: (1) Marriages index / geneteka.genealodzy.pl (2) Marriage record # 8 from Nieborów

Children:Domicela Parchowska

Franciszka Parchowska

Salomea Perykowska née Parchowska

Łukasz Parchowski

Piotr * Parchowski

Jan Parchowski

Marianna Parchowska

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