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Parchowski, Jan

b: 1800 Nieborów, Piaski, POLAND
~ 21/06/1800 Nieborów, Piaski, POLAND

Mentioned on birth record as "nobilis". His mother name is either misspelled as Helena Lorens on his birth records or Magdalena Lorenc had a middle name Helena.

Source: (1) Births index / geneteka.genealodzy.pl

Father:Jan * Parchowski

Mother:Magdalena * Skowrońska Parchowska née Lorenc

Siblings:Domicela Parchowska

Franciszka Parchowska

Salomea Perykowska née Parchowska

Łukasz Parchowski

Piotr * Parchowski

Marianna Parchowska

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