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Paszkiewicz (Coa Radwan), Lucydy Tomasz *

b: abt. 1857

Lucydy and Stefania got divorced, she got remaried to Rydzewski and lived in Łódź.
There is record of Lucjan Tomasz Krystian Paszkiewicz, son of Julian, nobleman from Warsaw, who died on the 27/04/1916 in Tbilisi, GEORGIA at the age of 58 and we believe it is him with misspelled first name.
oo Warsaw, POLAND Stefania * Paszkiewicz Rydzewska née Miszkiel

source: (1) Index - Metryki Wołyń / wolyn-metryki.pl

Father:* Paszkiewicz (Coa Radwan)

Children:Maria Lucyna * Paszkiewicz (Coa Radwan)

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