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Pasek née Aleksiewicz, Anna

b: Iłża, POLAND 1901
d: Warsaw, POLAND 1944

oo unknown Pasek

Died in Warsaw Uprising in the old town where she was hiding with her child and the German flamethrowers burnt the buildings with people inside.

source: (1) Birth record from Archiwum Państwowe in Radom, record # 254 / metryki.genealodzy.pl (2) Yola's notes

Father:Antoni Stanisław Aleksiewicz

Mother:Franciszka Józefa Aleksiewicz née Hunter

Siblings:Maria / Maryanna Aleksiewicz

Jadwiga Janina Aleksiewicz

Stanisława Zofia Aleksiewicz

Adam Aleksiewicz

Antonina Aleksiewicz

Marian Jan Aleksiewicz

Kazimierz Józef Aleksiewicz

Janina Wanda Aleksiewicz

Helena Aleksiewicz

children:uknown Pasek

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