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Placide or Sebastien née Durand, Agnes * 'A.K.A. Ma Vee Vee'

b: Dominica, WEST INDIES 19/08/1907
d: Dominica, WEST INDIES 04/11/2007
[] San Sauveur, Dominica, WEST INDIES 10/11/2007

oo Dominica, WEST INDIES Robert Sébastien * Placide

There was a mix up in documents when her husband Sebastien Placide moved to Dominica from Martinique. He was misspelled as Placide Sebastien so they were using Sebastien surname (instead of Placide).

Father:unknown * Durand

Mother:unknown * Valmond

children:Henrietta* Placide

Toussaint Placide or Sebastien

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