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Placide or Sebastien née Durand, Agnes * 'A.K.A. Ma Vee Vee'

b: Dominica, WEST INDIES 19/08/1907, d: Dominica, WEST INDIES 04/11/2007, [] San Sauveur, Dominica, WEST INDIES 10/11/2007

There was a mix up in documents when her husband Sebastien Placide moved to Dominica from Martinique. He was misspelled as Placide Sebastien so they were using Sebastien surname (instead of Placide).
oo Dominica, WEST INDIES Robert Sébastien * Placide

Father:unknown * Durand

Mother:unknown * Valmond

children:Henrietta* Placide

Toussaint Placide or Sebastien

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