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Naranowicz, Maria / Katarzyna

b: Harabudowszczyzna, Stołpce nr. Minsk, BELARUS

Maria was the only sibling that hasn't moved to Poland, she stayed in Belarus with her husband. Maria second name possibly was Katarzyna. If she was born 8/10/1897 in Stołpce, Mińsk, Belarus, then she got married to Stanisław Astachnowicz. In 1941 they would escape being sent to Syberia and find their way to displaced persons camp in Teheran and then in Koja, Uganda. From there Katarzyna and Stanisław would make their way to England and their son Kazimierz with his wife Genowefa and children Maria and Weronica would board General W. G. Haan ship and arrive to Melbourne Australia on the 21/2/1951. They would later settle in Adelaide, Australia.

Source: (1) Family notes, photo: (1) Naranowicz family taken probably still in nowadays Belarus or in Perm, Russia - pictured possibly Maria Naranowicz with her children

Father:* Naranowicz

Mother:* Unknown

Siblings:Anna * Brykman née Naranowicz

Malwina Sudnik née Naranowicz

Magdalena Maliszewska née Naranowicz

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