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Piwowarczyk, Dariusz Bolesław

inżynier / engineer, 1967-1978 - technical vice director for UNITRA Lamina in Warsaw
b: 22/11/1933 Radom, POLAND
d: 24/04/1991 Warsaw, POLAND

oo 06/09/1958 Warsaw, POLAND Piwowarczyk née Dolewska, Barbara Halina

Family story has it that Dariusz had Scottish roots on the maternal side and that one of his ancestros was a trader who came from Scotland to buy some pottery, fell in love and never returned home. The gossip turned out to be only partially true. His grandmother's maiden name was Hunter. Her grandfather Archie Hunter was born in Newcastle, the same as his father, also Archibald. Hunters could have Scottish roots especially that there is Clan Hunter in Scottland. What we know for sure is that Archibald Hunter came to Iłża's Fabryka Fajansu Sunderlanda (Sunderland's fine pottery factory) opened by Jewish English gentelman called Levi Seliga (later Lewi Sunderland) in 1823 in Iłża near Radom. Sunderland brought from England tools and eight speciallists to start the factory, one of them was Archibald Hunter (junior).

Source: (1) Family notes (2) "Iłża Wczoraj i Dziś" by Adam Bednarczyk, photo: (1) Dariusz Piwowarczyk (2) Dariusz Piwowarczyk by Foto "Rys", Radom

Father:Bolesław Piwowarczyk

Mother:Stanisława Zofia Piwowarczyk née Aleksiewicz

Siblings:Krystyna Rokicka née Piwowarczyk

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