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Binental / Binenthal, Aron

b: Przedbórz nr. Radomsko, POLAND abt. 1759
d: Przedbórz nr. Radomsko, POLAND 1834

oo 1780 Chana / Hana / Chaja Binenthal née Ferens / Perec

Alternative name spelling: Bienental, Bienenthal. Also called Aronowicz or Perens afer his father's first name. Some records state he married in 1812 Charna Lewkowicz but this seems to be misspelled version of his first wife.

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Father:Perens Binental / Binenthal

children:Berek / Boruch Binental / Binenthal

Fajgla / Faygla Malka Binental / Binenthal

Mojżesz / Moshe Binental / Binenthal

Rywka Binental / Binenthal

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